oill filling macjhine
oill filling macjhine

Oil Filling Machine with rotary transmission model


Detail Description

Oil Filling Machine with rotary transmission model, has filling part and capping part, the whole machine is controlled by the PLC, the main motor is variable frequency speed control. Filling model is low vacuum gravity filling method to ensure oil level in same line; it has pressed capping system and screwed capping system as option, it is suitable for all kinds of edible and industrial oil filling.

Brief work process:
These bottles are transmitted to the “Filling machine” via the “Bottle-turning star wheel”. These bottles entered the “Filling machine” are folded by bell jars and elevated up to touch with filling valve by the lifter cylinder. Before entering filling machine, there is a button for inspecting bottles on the steel thumb wheel. It sends the bottle signal to control the opening valve mechanism, then the filling valve would be opened. The filling shall be started while air injection is reached to state of equipressure. The filling could be stopped automatically when the liquids level reach to the height of air return pipe. The filling valve is closed recur to valve-closing mechanism after filling. Bottles full filled come down to be off filling valve under the function of cam and be put into the “capper” via transitional thumb wheels. The bladed stopper on the “capper” locks the bottleneck to keep bottles erectly and avoid rotating. The “cap head” keeps revolution and rotation on the “capper” and carries out these movements of cap picking, cap covering, screw capping and cap unhitch etc. after that whole capping process is finished. The “cap aligner” is situated above the “screw capper”, it is connected with the cap pan of “capper” via the cap sliding rail. The finished bottles are transmitted to the bottle output conveyor chain via the bottle output thumb wheels. And which are transmitted out from the oil filler by conveyor chain and put in the next process.

Main configuration:
1) Material of filling valve is SS food grade.
2) Material of rinse and rotary plate, machine table is stainless steel 304.
3) Main motor: ABB
4) Sliding bearing:Igus, Germany.
5) Transducer: MITSUBISH
6) Touch screen:DIGITAL
8) Pneumatic components:SMC.
9) Seals:National brand
10) Photocell switch and proximity switch:TURCK and BANNER