Fully Auto Label Shrinking Sleeve Machine.

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Brief introduction for SPC-150B

Functions of machines:

1.Bottle carrying, bottle separation ,label sleeving and label shrinking,Efficient with high speed ,accurate location.

2.Fast Synchronized transmission for any transmission belt .it is more faster than traditional multi-layer equipment.

3. Suitable for container from ∮30mm to ∮130mm,no need changing or debugging. user-friendly unique human interface touch and easy to operation.

4.Reasonable design of single shrinking label feed plane,easy to fix the label. accurate cutting place and convenient and stable. it is completed with PLC automatically.
5. Capacity of  90meters per minute, driving synchronized tensility control.∮500mm volume label supply plane. the internal diameter of paper tube will be 4’ ,8’,10’
6. The speed of center pillar applies is 250BPM.
7. The newly designed cutter head use step by step motor driving which speed is high, action is exact, the cut is in order and the shrinking is beautiful. This design cooperates with the label synchronized location structure enable the precision of cut location within 1mm.
8. Many emergency stop buttons enable emergency stop at the proper position along the production which guarantee the safe production.
9. Special designed heat wind shrinking tunnel use high pressure wing machine which makes the shrink effect perfect. Compare with the traditional shrink tunnel which cannot shrink curved bottle, this head wind shrink tunnel can make the shrink effect satisfying.
10.New version steam shrink tunnel is more efficient,suitable for different shape of bottles,including flat bottle,square bottle etc. easy to adjustment and maintain when change the bottle shape. separation style of spout steam makes the tunnel smooth,and the spout moth is combined with four pars to make the equipment efficient and stable.