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Why to choose Meantech Group

Packaging Solution supplier

10 Years' Experience

Over the 10 years' packaging experience, Most Efficient, less cost ,durable and reliable..

Durable Construction

Using Food-grade Stainless steel ,long time working,No secondary pollution and sanitary.

Efficiency and low maintenance

With Famous brand components, highly efficient ,easy to low maintenance, easy trouble shooting..

Meantech, Your trusted partner in China

Durable ,Reliable, Efficient and Qualified.

Over the last 10 years Meantech has been designing and building the most Efficient and less cost and sanitary equipment for international market. our packaging equipment is made of heavy gauge stainless steel tube, plate and sheet, same core parts of component is made of food-grade stainless steel to keep it sanitary. a robust framework that will survive year after year especially in hot weather and wet environment.

We promise to supply high quality packaging machine globally, we have passed CE SGS BV certification ,and this is just the beginning,The quality is the only thing that we do, we have a strict process for production,Equipment will be tested and debugged for almost 2 weeks to ensure that there are stable and reliable.

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